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Getting Started

• What is CDeez?

• How do I make a playlist?

Editing a Playlist

• How do I edit playlists I've already created?

• How can I delete a song?


• I hear my MP3 player but I cannot see it! Help!

• My song won't play. I don't hear any sound. What's going on?

• What's bandwidth?

• What's a URL?

• How do I get MP3 URLs?

• Where can I host my MP3 files?

• How do I convert a MP3 file song into a URL for MySpace?

• How do I convert a song to a .mp3 format?

• Why are my songs playing at a high speed (sounds like chipmunks)?

• How many songs can I have on my player?

• My player isn't showing up?

User Accounts

• Help! I forgot my password.

• Does it cost anything to use the CDeez player?

• How do I delete my account?

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